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1. New paradigm for sexual genital extension device.

Got “grand praize” in Korea brand satisfaction evaluation.

Customers’ trust for Medi-size is very special.

Medi-size has worked hard to change the concept of existing sexual genital extension device. If you have been disappointed existing devices, now try using ‘Easy Jelq Exercise Device’

We are changing the market of adult medical devices in Korea which was in confidential field.

Medi-size always communicates with our customers by homepage, Youtube, and social media and reflects your precious needs.

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Medi-size has remarkable achievement which is 99% of high customer satisfaction rate.

Medi-size which got ‘grand prize’ in the field of Korea male sexual genital extension device is sensationally popular.

2. Are you worried about effect of a device?

The effect of the device has already been certified by thousands of members in Korea, and many customers still post reviews. (Review Board: please use google translator in chrome to understand reviews.)

You can’t see the result of your genital extension if you don’t exercise despite purchase the device.

However, if you keep working out based on a manual we send, you will certainly get great result you desire.

We have researched and thought for effective Jelq device for 10 years, so our result ‘Easy Jelq Exercise Device’ will be your must have item.

If you have any questions about the device while doing exercise, please contact our customer center.

Medi-size always resolves your concerns by communications and supports

More detail about the device, please refer the link below

Medi-size official Youtube :

Medi-size official blog :

3. Future of Medi-size

Medi-size is start up corporation which is just ready to grow. For improvement of male genital health, our research and development will never stop.

We try resolving the concerns about sex with customers by communication and want to grow up together with them.

We just begin our first step, so there will be some communication issues with foreign customers.

We will always do the best to obtain customers trust by certainly response in spite of communication issue.

If you have any questions, please contact our email ( and customer center in the homepage

Medi-size will promise and do the best to satisfy all customers in the world.

Thank you. Medi-size