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An Easy Jelq Device(medisize) is 
only one goods in the world that can directly exercise the penis. 

Even if you wanted to directly exercise the penis, you couldn’t do it. Because there was no suitable exercise equipment until now. But now you can exercise the penis as you want. 
We have succeeded in developing an exercise equipment that effectively and easily enlarges the penis, because it also has the two functions to rub testicles and stretch the penis just by walking in an ergonomic way. Continuously pulling on or massaging any part of the human body, it stretches or gets thick with callus. 
Such exercises cause the part to grow. In the human body, the tissues of the penis are reproductive organs that consist only of ligaments and Epidermis. Therefore, when anyone trains them, the cells split rapidly and the penis and testicles grow together. In addition, testicles are responsible for hormonal action, and the continuous massage through the automatic device for jelqing promotes the male hormone secretion. 
By continual stimulation, the threshold for friction increases, and the peripheral nerves on the glans are blunted, which has an effect of improving premature ejaculation. The human body grows older and its ageing progresses further. At this time, the penis becomes thinner and weaker. 
The only way to regain youth is exercise. The strength difference of them who constantly exercise and who doesn't is like night and day. If you want to turn back the clock and live a healthy and energetic life, your best bet is exercise.

A novel invention ergonomically 

designed with two functions! 

Penis enlargement equipment!

It’s your choice whether to live a vital life full of confidence in your penis size and sexual energy or to live a lethargy life without confidence in your sexual life because of ageing by thinking that your energy and penis size are inherent. 
If you regularly exercise every day for more than 3 months according to the manual introduced by Medisize, you can experience various effects such as in the size, thickness and stiffness of the penis as well as in erection, ejaculation control, premature ejaculation, natural phimosis, penile curvature and increase of the male hormone. 
In order to achieve a remarkable result, you have to regularly exercise more than 3 months according to the manual introduced by Medisize.
 During this period, the penile length and circumference will grow at least 1 to 3 cm. Train steadily for a long time, and you can have a huge penis like a porn star. 
If you exercise daily with the Easy Jelq Device, you will get sweet fruit. Now you no longer need to hang your head in shame because your penis is small, your erection is weak, or you have premature ejaculation. Start with exercise and training as outlined in the manual, and you will definitely overcome your sexual weakness. 
When you start your exercise with the Easy Jelq Device, a new world opens in your sexual life. Elderly people will also have their renaissance. But if you do nothing, you will get nothing. 
It is Medisize’s dream and desire to help all men to enjoy their happy sexual life with their loved ones by big virile penises exercised with the Easy Jelq Device.

Understanding of traction

If you search for the body lengthening by traction principle from literature,
 you can find its origin from ancient culture. The tribes living in Amazon rainforest of South America have extended their body parts such as lips and ears, 
while the indigenous people of Africa have increased their penises by hanging a lump of metal as traditional penis enlargement. As well, the Karen people in 
Thai have stretched their necks by wearing neck rings since childhood. It is also a kind of traction method.
Recently In medical institutions, this traction principle is used in various ways such as plastic surgery to increase or enlarge tissues, and there are several products and exercise centers that use traction principle to enlarge the male sexual organs.
 Male enhancement by using traction is generally similar to the principle of muscle strengthening through repetitive motion. 
If you finely damage muscles through muscular motion and recover it through rest, you will have supercompensation in your muscles so as not to be damaged. 
When the supercompensation is repeated, the muscles become bigger and harder than before. When you continue likewise to apply force to the penis, the cells around the penis is repeatedly finely damaged and supercompensated with rest. As a result, the penis is bigger and harder than before. 

Just like you increase the weight of a dumbbell or barbell during strength and muscle training, 
so whenever you add a silicon ball, it acts as a spring, giving a natural, yet powerful traction to your penis. 
When you repetitively exercise with soft, natural and powerful traction, you can experience that your penis is much bigger and harder. 


Understanding of the jelqing exercise

The best twist in life just by rubbing and stretching between the legs!