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Recommended Exercise Time

Within 3~9 hours (approximately 1~3 sets) per day, 5 days of exercise, 2 days of rest recommended.
1 set – 1~3 hours of exercise followed by 5~10 minutes of rest. (Repeat 1~3 sets) Because the penile cells need time to recover, 1~2 days of rest per week is required. (Exceptions can be made if the exercise time is less than 2 hours per day.)

It's recommended to wear the device when the penis is flaccid. If it's difficult to wear, you can slightly erect (semi-erect/erect but soft) to put it on.

When wearing in a semi-erect state, the silicone band must be tightly wound to prevent the product from falling off when the erection subsides.

The period of penile growth may vary depending on the wearing time, traction intensity, and individual physical condition. Growth may not occur if you apply too much force for a long time, or too weak force for a long time. It is essential to set appropriate traction intensity and time according to your body condition while exercising.

It is not recommended to wear it during sleep.

Exercise Tips


Massaging the penis during rest after exercise promotes blood flow and stimulates cell growth.


If wearing for a long time is difficult, you can wear it for just one set per day. Increase traction to a slightly sore level.


If growth stalls after initial rapid growth, you can overcome this by varying the traction strength and wearing time.


Intensity and time are inversely proportional. Adjust intensity and duration according to your preference.

Exercise Routine Examples:

For Long Time Exercise (Moderate Intensity)

Wear until you feel a pull at the root of the penis, then wear for 13 hours followed by 10 minutes of rest. Repeat 23 sets.

For Short Time Exercise (High Intensity)

1. Wear the product and add balls until you can bear it for about 1 hour.

2. Wear for 40 minutes ~ 1 hour, then rest for 10 minutes.

3. Continue 2~3 sets with reduced intensity.

* The exercise intensity may vary from person to person.

* Repeat exercises as needed within the recommended time.

* Rest for 5~10 minutes between sets.

★Special Tips★

without Medi Size Product

Simple Experience with Bare Hands Here are two ways to experience it without a product.

First Method

Grab the glans of the penis and pull it forward as hard as you can. You can experience a feeling of elongation. But pulling for more than 5 minutes is hard, isn't it? Using the Medi Size product, you can easily increase the length of the penis all day long by adjusting the traction force from weak to strong.

Second Method

Rub the penis and testicles between your legs.

When you wear the jelqing exercise automatic device, the worn penis becomes the size of a wrist. By analogy, a way to indirectly experience this is to put your hands together and walk in place. The sensation of rubbing against your clumped hands is felt naturally.

This indirect method allows you to experience the principle of rubbing exercise. By wearing the jelqing exercise automatic device and pushing it between your legs, the silicone ball is rubbed by the power of your thighs. Then, you can exercise freely using the power of your thighs, whether weak or strong. The silicone ball is soft like human skin, so it's safe even when rubbed hard. The cells of the penis are rapidly divided and regenerated by this exercise effect. This direct exercise makes the penis thicker, and the simultaneous friction with the testicles overflows with masculine strength and confidence, tremendously increasing vigor and rigidity.

Selected for South Korea's Ministry of SMEs and Startups Innovative Growth-Type Business R&D Support Project!

South Korea has a stereotype of being negative and repressive about sexuality, so it's a field that isn't readily acknowledged within the country.

However, Medi size's technological prowess and effectiveness have been evaluated as innovative in solving men's complexes and shaping Korean sexual culture, resulting in its selection as an *) Innovative Growth-Type Venture Company in Korea, a land historically barren in sexual culture. We will continue to research and develop innovative inventions that can solve the concerns of all men around the world.

*) Innovative Growth-Type Venture Company refers to a newly established evaluation type that is not the existing guarantee/loan type, verifying excellent future growth potential based on technological innovation and business growth, not only in terms of company performance but also the efforts and sincerity in foundational activities for it.

Medisize products are made with
100% medical-grade silicone

(USA FDA certified, skin contact safety certified)

Q.What is the difference between Medi size products and low-cost products?

A.The difference is in the grade of silicone. Silicone grades, quality, and cost are vastly different.

Medi size's silicone is 100% medical-grade, registered with the FDA. Silicone commonly used in adult products and everyday tools is cheap, and in order to facilitate molding of the stiff low-cost silicone, a lot of plasticizers are used to make it soft. However, over time, plasticizers leak out, causing stickiness and reduced durability, making long-term use challenging.

Q.What about the durability of the silicone used in Medi size?

A.The durability is about 36 years, almost permanent, with no deformation or stickiness. It can be used almost indefinitely unless damaged by sharp objects or intentionally broken, and it's easy to clean and store as it does not deform even when soaked in hot water for extended periods.

Q.How do you clean Medi size products?

A.You can use soap, detergent, or disinfect by boiling in water. Because there's no stickiness or deformation even after prolonged soaking in detergent or boiling water, it can be used almost permanently.

Exercise hours

We recommend you to use our product one to as many as 8 hours. 

For Example

- If you take exercise for 3 hours, you can wear our product 3 hours in succession or 3 times. When you wear it for a long time, we recommend that you exercise in several sets. (Be careful not to exceed 3 hours for each set!)
- If you take exercise for 8 hours, we recommend that you divide your exercises into 8 times by 1 hour or 4 times by 2 hours.
* In addition, when in rest you soak a towel in warm water and wring it out and then rub the penis like a massage with it, it helps to improve its blood circulation.

It is much more effective to take a break after exercise than to do penis exercise every day.
For example, It also may be good that after exercising five days a week, you take a rest two days and then restart it or do it every other day. Because like the muscles the penis also grows long and thick through the supercompensation when resting after exercise. Excessive exercise may make your penis powerless and rather inhibit its growth.. By all means, take a rest for the efficient penis enlargement !

Exercise intensity 
Exercise intensity can vary from person to person.
Basically, you can wear it on the basis of the degree to endure the increasing pain for 1 to 3 hours.
However, it is possible that those who think ‘they have no time to exercise slowly’ wear as many silicon balls as they can tolerate for 1 hour, and do exercise. As well, they can take a rest or reduce the silicon balls and then lightly exercise jelqing again.
The stronger the exercise intensity is, the shorter you have to exercise. Otherwise, you have to adjust exercise intensity so as to increase the exercise hours according to the user.
However, if you exercise too hard, your penis may also get tired. So, we recommend that you should find the right intensity and duration suitable for you.

See the proportional graph between between intensity and duration below for easier understanding.

How to exercise with our Easy Jelq Device
* We recommend you to first refer to the video how to wear it.
* As a new user, you can use it when your penis doesn’t erect or slightly erects. If you wear it in a fully erected state, it will fall out when the erection is released again.
* When you wrap the silicon band around your penis, make sure the equipment is tight so as not to be released.

Our Easy Jelq Device works in two functions in one device, so please read carefully how to wear and exercise! 
(1) Jelqing exercise method rubbing the penis between the two legs

In first wearing it, take off the pants to adjust the product characteristics. You should start with 1 to 3 fewer silicon balls than when you normally wear later.
Deeply push the penis wound with the device into the hip between the legs! When you move as like going around in circles or with hurried step while slightly tightening your thighs, the penis will be rubbed with the power of your thighs. While going around or with hurried step in the room for about five minutes, you can learn the sensation of jelqing massage and how to do it. If you think that you have gotten a feel for it, you can wear clothes and exercise. It takes about 30 minutes a day enough to exercise the jelqing massage.
Tip: When you exercise outside, you can wear baggy pants (sports pants etc.). As well, when you exercise with drawers or without, it can be more effective.

(2) Enlargement exercise by traction

After wearing the equipment, you can position the penis any way as you want, up, side or down etc. We recommend that you wear it 1 hour to 8 hours (See how to wear > hours of use). Because the Easy Jelq Device is an exercise device, the effect may vary depending on the physical condition, age, and individual effort etc. However, it is definitely the best one of all related products on the market.