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Q: How to store after wearing the device?

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How to store and to maintain


After wearing it, then store with clearing dried towel. We suggest you clean at least 1 time per 2 weeks.

How to clean

1. When cleaning, don’t use alcohol.

2. Avoid direct sunlight, and store at room temperature where there are no dust, humidity, and salt. 

3. Store after drying with disinfecting on boiled water for 5 ~ 10s to use longer.

4. Don’t store near inflammables and firearms.


1. Must read user manual before using the device

2. Be careful to use some of you who have diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Don’t forcibly wear, and don’t overuse more than suggested hours.

4. In case of rash due to overuse, consult with your physician.

5. After wearing, may be painful or residual urine. When urinating, take the device off.

6. If taking impotency drug like Viagra, consult with your physician before using the device.

7. Don’t apply other ointments on wearing part or the skin which was injected with steroid.

8. Don’t use if you are in the situation being drunk or taking drugs.

9. Don’t use with other contraceptive devices.

10. Stop to use the device if it is broken.

* Any other inconvenient things about the device, please contact customer center.