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Q: How many times per day do I have to use the auto Jelq device to have desired result?

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A: We suggest you wearing the device maximum 8h per day.

When working out, it would be more effective to wear for 8h, 8 times per hour or 4 times per 2h.

* When getting a rest, rub genital with dried towel which squeezed with warm water to promote blood circulation.

We suggest you combine genital exercise and rest together rather than focusing on only the exercise.

For example: the way we recommend is exercise for 5 days and rest for 2 days, or exercise on alternate days, because genital is also like muscle, so the size and girth grow when you have a rest. Immoderate exercise makes your genital tired and may be hard to grow up. So, remember your genital also needs rest to grow faster.

For more information in detail: read ‘how to use > amount of time to spend’

Exercise intensity may be different depending on person.

Basically, we suggest you wear for 2 ~ 3h when you can endure to feel genital grow.

However, ‘if you don’t have a time to work out’ put silicon balls as much as you can endure for 1h, and then rest with Jelq exercise together. 

Once intensity is stronger, do exercise shortly, or controlling intensity is weaker. That is all up to you.

However, if you exercise too hard, the fatigability of genital will increase, so we suggest you take a time to find your suitable intensity and time.