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Q: Is there any tip to see the result as soon as possible?

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A: Auto Jelq device has 2 functions, so please read how to wear and how to exercise before using.

If you combine 2 methods as follows, you can see the growth of genital more quickly.

(1) Jelq with rubbing between legs

When you wear the device first, you should take off bottom. Don’t put balls lots, try putting less 1 ~ 3 balls than usual.

Put organ deeply toward anal which is wearing the device, and then tighten slightly with flexing your thigh. After that, be at a standstill or scurry to rub your genital with strong intensity. Be at a standstill or scurry for about 5m, and then try to figure out how to exercise. After you understand how to do, then work out with putting cloths on. 30m is enough time for Jelq massage.

Tip: When exercising outside, if you wear sweat wear with trunks or without underwear inside, you can more effectively work out.

(2) genital extension exercise with applying traction.

After wearing the device, just put your organ in any sides you want. We suggest you use between 3 and 8h. (Read: how to wear > amount of time to spend) Auto Jelq device is fitness equipment, so the effect may be different depending on your body, age, and spending time. However, we ensure the device is the best comparing with others.