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Q: How long should I wear to see the result as soon as possible?

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A: As you know at least 3 months you need to see the body result when working out at gym. Like this, genital exercise is also you need at least 3 months to see the result.

If some of you have never done genital exercise, the hidden genital part in the body will come out through exercise for 3 months. So, you will see the genital grows at least 0.3 ~ 1.1 inch.

If you keep working out after 3 months, the genital size will be bigger too like your body muscle is improved by working out at gym.

After the genital grows until proper size, you may feel it grow slower.

However, let’s say we capture a fish.

You may think 9.8 and 11.8 inch are only 3 inches different. However, the volume and size are 2times more different.

Even 0.3 inch grows but thickness is bigger together, so comparing just 0.3 ~ 1.1 inch bigger and its volume and size are not too different.

So, if you work out consistently, you can make your genital bigger size.