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Q: How long should I wear it?

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This auto Jelq device is made with silicon and ergonomic. So, depending on strength, amount of time to wear may be different.

We suggest it would be more effective you do 1 ~ 3h per time, 3 times per 1h or 2 or 3 times per 3h.

Exercise intensity and time are inversely proportional, so if you do not have enough time to work out, just wear within 1 ~ 2h in strong intensity.

For more information in detail: read how to use > how to exercise and amount of time.

If you wear for long time, or work too hard, it will cause to make fatigue of your genital accumulated due to rapid growth, and cavernous body of genital will not maximally be extended. So, the erection may not be tightened. However, if you get enough rests for 2 ~ 3 days the fatigue of genital, and penile rigidity will be recovered. So, don’t worry.  

Furthermore, some of you whose skin is sensitive or weak, don’t use it hard first. You have to need a period of adjustment with adding amount of balls and of time to spend. So, just relax and be diligent to work out. Your genital shall be bigger.