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Q: Any tips when the device is dislocated?

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A: The reason why the device is easily dislocated because when you put forcedly balls a lot or your glans is not too cleared to grip the genital.

Those 2 situations appear to someone who are first time to use it.  

Case 1. putting forcedly balls

When you wear the device, I do not recognize how many balls you should put.

Furthermore, if you wear forcedly silicon balls a lot, it will cause to increase organ fatigue. Thus, when you firstly use, just put 1 or 2 balls and need a period of adjustment. So, if the device does not be dislocated after putting 1 ~ 2 balls for 1 or 2 days, you try adding more balls. Then that will not be problem.  

Case 2. Glans is not too cleared to grip the device

If you have this situation, try to buy sports muscle band at pharmacy or online store. And then cut the band horizontally.

After that wind the part 1 or 2 times where glans and organ until it will be thick. (When you attach the band directly on the organ, it will be painful due to adhesion. So, we suggest you repeat attach and remove about 1 or 2 times, and then try to attach again.)

After winding the band with wearing the device again, it will not be dislocated.


Tip!  In all 2 cases, if you wear silicon body putting front on the position about 0.7 inch behind glans, the body is moved front while wearing balls. So, it also pushes genital epidermis together. After then, the epidermis is thicker with hanging behind glans, so you can wear it more stably.  

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