It is my review after 1 month of Medi-size usage. (May be too long to read!!)

1 Apr 2020
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Hello. Name is Cat whose age is middle 20s.

Although the title is the review after 1 month usage, but I wrote about life of my penis.

My review may be too long, so if you dun mind, can just read short one.

First of all, I am too fat cuz I’ve grown up with great grand.

So, since adolescence, I’ve got really stressed out about penis.

Well… I was too scared to go sauna, swimming pool, water park, and even meetings with college friends.

I became roundhead when I was in middle school, it was just for medical purpose. So, I had lots of prepuces.

The reason why I became roundhead cuz I got balanitis on my penis. Doctor suggested, and my parents forcibly asked me to get the surgery. So, I did.

Fortunately, after the surgery, the balanitis was recovered, but maybe penis may be weak, so I still have big scar on it since then. 

At that time, my dad, doctor and I discussed about the size and issue of my penis. Doctor admitted committing medical accident, and then we compromised doing penis filler with only paying material fee for purpose of beauty. Since then, I got the surgery 4 times.  

Well.. It was just holding the shape of the scar, so it was not helpful to extend the size.

Also, I’ve heard the penis grow until 21 years old, so I just waited until my age becomes 21 years old.

hm. When I was about 17 years old, the size was 4 ~ 4.3 inch when erection.

When I was 21 years old, hmm my size was about 4.3 ~ 4.7 inch.

However, I was not satisfied my size, so I considered penis extension. And when I was 22 years old, I accidently knew about K200, and decided to wear it.

I remember I wore K200 approx. total 6 months for 2 years, and the size grew almost 5.5 inch.

After going back university, I made gf and made out with her, but I got shock when she said my size is too small. I just drank myself drunk. Especially, my penis was buried penis.

When my penis was not erected, the size was about 0.8 ~ 1.1 inch. Way too smaller than kids in elementary school. And finally, I decided to get surgery about the end of 2016. Doctor checked my size before surgery, and he said the size and girth before erection were each 2.3 and 3.9 inch, and after erection were each 5.5 and 4.3 inch. I think the reason why the size and girth before after were different, it was before he measured from the pubic.

Until 6 months after the surgery, my size reduced so when erection, the size and girth were each 5.1 and 5.9 ~ 6.2 inch.

But 1 year after surgery, the swells were subsided so, when I measured the penis, even before erection, I was satisfied its size.

At that time, my fixed size before erection was increased about 2.6 inch, and after erection was about 5.7 inch, and girth was reduced until 5.5 inch.

I was satisfied my size, but my gf mentioned about my size again shit…

It was like joke but I think I still had trauma about my size, maybe I was too sensitive. haha

So, I wore many kinds of products for my penis. One of them was titangel (1 bottle),  but well it was not effective for me.

I even wore the product, sizedoctor. I wore approx. 3 months, it seemed effective but it was too painful. :’( Especially skins of glans penis were peeled also, I had scars and weak skin. I almost gave up about my penis and finally I found Medi-size yay J

2 weeks before I bought it, I looked around open chatting room first, and then I read lots of reviews. I trusted them and decided to buy.

----------------------------- From here is Real Review! ------------------------------------------------

After I bought, to be honest, I only wore for 1 month cuz I was too busy to wear.

First 2 weeks after buying, I tried best to wear, at least 3 ~ 4 hours per day.

Sometimes, I wore 8 ~ 9 hours.

Hm.. First of all, after I received the Medi-size, I measured my size in detail.

Cuz I am too fat, so sometimes I measure excluding or including the pubic. Haha

First, before I wore the Medi, the size before erection was 2.7 inch, and with pubic was 4.3 inch. Its girth was 4.7 inch.

The size after erection was 4.3 inch and with pubic was 5.9 inch. Its girth was 5.3 inch.

FYI, except today, the most recent time when I wore the Medi-size was the week before last week.

The result after I measured today, the size before erection was 3.5 inch and with pubic was 4.7 inch. Its girth was 4.9 inch

The size after erection was 4.7 inch and with pubic was 6.5 inch. Its girth was 5.7 inch.

Although I only wore for 2 weeks and half, but you know it is really worked. I can’t believe the product is really more effective than I thought.

I gonna try best to wear as often as possible. Until reach my goal to be longer than 8.26 inch hahaha 

I am really appreciated boss who invented the Medi-size. J

Last, I gonna say is some of you are too shy to show your penis size. Just buy it. Don’t hesitate. Must buy.

Size Change – Size before erection 4.3 > 4.7 : Girth before erection 4.7 > 4.9

Size after erection 5.9 > 6.5 : Girth after erection 5.3 > 5.7

Thx for reading long review. Here is a captured photo that I am using.

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