Here is my review and some tips

5 Apr 2020
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Comparing the period since I bought, actually I didn’t work out a lot, but I wore it often for 3 months, especially wore it at night almost for 1h.

I think I wore until I exhausted.

I am using 6 balls excluding main ball, and I’ve not performed circumcision, and normally my penis is small.

I’ve never been sauna except when I was young.

I think the size after erection was 5.1 to 5.5 inch depending on my health.

This is my review after 3 months usage.

Tbh, I wanted to the size before erection is bigger before I wore the product.

Now, omg I can’t believe if my penis like a stone is mine or not, but I just wore the Medi-size never worked out others even jelq

I feel the Medi-size is certainly effective. But only different thing is that it is not just bigger and even harder like a stone. I am satisfied girth too.

Here are some tips

You should push the main ball until the end, and tightening strap without cross like one on top and another on bottom.

And then put rest of balls.

In my case, I put additional balls between main and edge ball.

After keeping this shape, put your penis on crotch and then press with underwear or lie down on bed. You know after I did that, my penis is really tighten. I like that stimulated feeling

When taking out it, if I did forcibly, sometimes really painful. So, remember, pressing balls that tighten first then take balls out one by one. When only one or two balls left, untie strap first and then take balls out slowly. Then do massage.

I am not into waxing, but I strongly recommend you wear after waxing. So, your pain due to hairs gonna gone.

Good luck you guys, and I wish you guys gonna get good result.

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