Age of middle 30s Review after 6 months usage

26 Mar 2020
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Age of middle 30s Review after 6 months usage

This is my first time to write a review

I think I only wore about 6 months from June, Aug, Sept, and Oct 2019 to Feb, Mar 2020.

First, I only measured after erection. Before I wore the product first was 5.5 inch, but when I checked yesterday the size was 6.1 inch (0.6 inch increased). I was really happy and amazed my penis was getting bigger. I’ve not measured girth, but I think already thicker.

Although I didn’t wear it every day, I wore 3 ~ 4 times per week.

Mostly I wore less than 3 h cuz I usually overworked. So, when I wore, I rubbed 30 m with adding ball and then just wore for 1h to 1h and half

When I wore basic type after I bought June 2019, I felt the tension was not enough. So, I began from 6 balls. Now, I rub with 8 balls and normally I wear 9 balls.

While writing the review, I feel my penis is already big. When 6 balls, it was really painful, but now is 9 balls so I think physically my penis already gets bigger.

My first goal is to be 6.3 inch, I think I can if I wear it very often.

I wish you guys also have good result with using the Medi-size. Good luck you guys.

Some of you who are really hesitated to wear, just wear it. Your penis won’t be small trust me.

Only process may be slow but must be bigger.

Result Summary (6 moths actual usage period 3 times per week)

Amount of balls 6 > 9

Size: 5.5 > 6.1

Exercise Time: after using rub 30 m (8 balls), wear 9 balls for 1h to 1h half.

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