Review after 80 days Medi-size usage (Growth Chart)

12 Mar 2020
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“Painful but getting bigger my penis”

Hello guys. I saw lot of great reviews so, I dunno if I should write the review but enjoy.

1. Introduction

Firstly I watched about the Medi-size on Youtube, I was suspicious if seriously penis gonna big? Wow.

I did hand jelq, so I guess my own may be bigger. That is why I just buy it believe or not.

But, I just wear without reading direction, so I got scars a lot due to hairs. Even dunno any ideas how many months wear or how long?

1 month after I wear, finally I understood how to wear, and found my know-how.

Ok my result is before using it, the size was 5.1 inch but now 5.9 inch (0.8 inch increased),

I am not sure its girth is, but I already feel it is thicker.

My goal is to be longer than toilet paper roll hahaha.

2. Thing you wanna know after using the Medi-size first (Must know)

A: basic direction to wear:

B: How to wear when the product is dislocated from the penis:

C: When pubic pain in first time to wear

D: When jelq, testicles may be leaned: wear glasses cleaning cloth (hole in the middle)

E: Amount of time to spend on the product:

You guys may know 5 things I mentioned above.

But the thing I really wanted to know was I dunno how many balls I have to wear?

That was it.

So, I made the chart that I’ve wore the product.

It is not accurate data but I wish it would be helpful to you.

Any suggestion from you, I gonna refer to summarize again.

Now, I think the chart gonna helpful some of you never wore it before.

3. Growth Chart

Size: with pubic

4. Tool:

5: How to exercise by steps

Step 1: after using the ball you can accept maximally, keep 1h and 3 times per day

Step 2: after getting wore to do step 1, keep 2h and 2 times per day

Step 3: after getting wore to step 2, keep 3h and 1 time per day.

Step Up: After step 3, add 1 ball and then repeat from step 1.

I am currently Step 1 of 5th step up.

But I think growth speed getting slower as time goes by.

For reaching my goal 7th step up, I am still working on.


I decided to buy for penis growth, but now is part of my life to do.

Using the Medi-size for 80 days is way happier than going gym for 5 years.

My last words

“If you wanna reach your goal with good product, you must wear it first to reach.”

Good luck you guys to reach your goal.   

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