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1. How to use

① Connect the vacuum pump and plastic vacuum tube to the pump line.

② Attach the silicone safety protective cap to the plastic vacuum tube.

③ Pump 4-6 times of water-soluble gel into the entrance of the silicone safety protective cap and apply it evenly with your fingers.

④ Apply water-soluble gel evenly to the penis for easy insertion into the silicone safety protective cap.

⑤ Place the entrance of the silicone safety protective cap onto the glans and pump until no more air can be pumped into the cap. (The penis will be sucked into the cap regardless of whether the penis is erect or not.)

⑥ Exercise for 10-20 minutes in that state, and pump again to maintain the pressure until the end of the exercise after a certain period of time has passed, and the pressure has decreased. While exercising, if you slightly contract your pelvic floor muscles like Kegel exercises to the point where no air can enter, and stimulate yourself by looking at pictures or videos, it can be more exciting and lead to maximum blood vessel dilation.

⑦ After the exercise, you can release the pressure on the penis by pressing the metal button on the rubber pump to release the air pressure.

2.Exercise Time I recommend you use less
than 10 minutes per a day. 
 There is a correlation between exercise time and the strength of vacuum pressure, so one way to resolve errors and exercise safely is to vary the time. All individuals have different skin and physical conditions, so, excessive vacuum pressure can lead to side effects. Occasionally, some people may not feel the desired effects if the vacuum pressure is too weak. However, you may feel weak vacuum pressure because the silicone safety cap is effectively protecting the penis, but the vacuum pressure of Power-Size is never weak, and increasing the pressure can lead to side effects. Therefore, to exercise safely, I recommend you start with 10 minutes of exercise and gradually increase the time by 5 minutes as long as there are no side effects, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. This approach can achieve the same effect as increasing the strength of the vacuum pressure. As the time is increased, you can feel that the blood is pooling in the glans, making it even harder. By exercising according to your own optimal time using this method, the effect can be even better. 
3. How to safely clean
silicone safety cap

If you hold the protective cap hole under the tap for 1 minute and let water flow through, the gel will naturally be rinsed out. If you want to clean it more, you can use soap and a soft toothbrush. 

Sterilization: Soak it in boiling water for about a minute. 
Caution: Do not fold or invert the wings of the silicone safety cap while washing it. It must be washed and stored in its original state to be used semi-permanently. 
※ The silicone used in the protective cap is made of silicone material approved by the US FDA. According to the quality assurance of the raw material manufacturer, the product can be used for about 36 years without deformation or stickiness, unless intentionally damaged by sharp objects or similar means. It can be used semi-permanently. 
※ Silicone has been authorized skin-contact safety certification [SKIN-SAFE (OECE-TG439)], making it safe for direct use on the skin. 
4. Cautions First  Medi-Power Size is an addictive exercise equipment that enhances vitality. Please, do not use it more than once a day.  Second  During exercise, I recommended you minimize movement of the penis to achieve maximum swelling and effectiveness. I advise only receiving sexual stimulation and minimizing movement. Second  If the vacuum pressure is too high or if you exercise for an extended period of time, those with weaker skin conditions may experience a stinging sensation, red spots, or blisters on the penis. When in pain, there may be tiny invisible wounds. If you experience any of these symptoms, I recommend you apply ointment such as Hushitin or Madecassol and use the product only after full recovery. If symptoms are severe, please seek medical advice and follow the prescription of a pharmacist or doctor before use. * For more cautions, please read an user manual.  

Medi Power Size
Usage & Exercise Time

1.How to use.

 ① Connect the vacuum pump and the plastic vacuum tube with the pump line.

 ② Combine the silicone safety cap and the plastic vacuum tube.

 ③ Pump the water-based gel into the entrance of the silicone safety cap 4-6 times, and also apply and spread it on the entrance with your finger.

 ④ Evenly apply the water-based gel to the penis for easy insertion into the silicone safety cap.

 ⑤ Place the glans at the entrance of the silicone safety cap and pump as much as possible with the vacuum pump until it won’t pump anymore. (The penis will be sucked in whether it is erect or not.)

 ⑥ Keep the pressure for 10-20 minutes. If the pressure decreases over time, pump again to maintain it until the exercise ends. Watching stimulating photos or videos as if you are doing Kegel exercises helps you not feel bored, and your blood vessels expand to their maximum, making the effects even better.

 ⑦ After exercising, press the metal button on the rubber pump to release the pressure while twisting the vacuum tube to remove the penis more easily.

2. Exercise Duration

Recommended usage is approximately 10 minutes a day.

* There's a correlation between the exercise duration and the strength of the vacuum pressure. Adjusting the time is a method to address any discrepancies and ensure a safe exercise routine. Given that everyone's skin and physical conditions differ, excessively strong vacuum pressure might lead to side effects. Some users might feel the vacuum pressure is too weak and doesn't produce effective results.

However, thanks to the silicone safety cap protecting the penis, the perceived weakness in vacuum pressure is merely a sensation. The MediPowerSize's vacuum strength is by no means weak. Increasing the vacuum pressure further may lead to side effects. For a safe exercise routine, start with the basic 10 minutes. If no side effects are observed, gradually increase by 5 minutes at a time, going up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

This progression can simulate the effects of higher vacuum strength. Moreover, as you prolong the duration, you'll notice increased blood flow making the glans firmer. Tailoring your routine to your optimal duration will yield the best results.

3. Cleaning the Silicone Safety Cap

To naturally rinse off the gel, simply place the cap hole under a running tap for about a minute. If you desire a deeper clean, use mild detergent and a soft toothbrush to scrub gently. For disinfection, immerse the cap in boiling water for about a minute. Caution: Do not fold or turn the silicone safety cap's wing section inside out during cleaning. Keep it in its original shape for cleaning and storage to ensure its long-lasting use.

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    실리콘안전보호캡 날개부위를 폈다 뒤집었다 하며 세척하지 마세요. 그 상태 그대로 세척 및 보관 해야 반 영구적으로 사용할수있습니다.

※ The silicone used for the safety cap is crafted from materials approved by the U.S. FDA. As guaranteed by the raw material manufacturer, it can be used for approximately 36 years without deformation or developing a sticky texture, provided it's not intentionally damaged using sharp objects.

※ The silicone has earned a skin-contact safety certification [SKIN-SAFE(OECE-TG439)], which means it's safe for direct skin application.

4. Precautions

  • 01.
    The Medi Power Size is a highly addictive exercise device that boosts your vigor. Please refrain from using it more than once a day.
  • 02.
    During use, it is recommended to move the penis as little as possible. This ensures maximum engorgement and effectiveness. It's advised to only enjoy sexual stimulation without too much movement.
  • 03.
    Overly strong vacuum pressure or prolonged use might cause skin issues, especially for those with sensitive skin. Symptoms could include a burning sensation, red spots, or blisters on the penis. Even if not visible, minor injuries might be present if you feel discomfort. In such cases, apply ointments like Polysporin or Mederma and resume use after complete recovery.

* If the symptoms are severe, please seek treatment following a pharmacist or doctor's prescription.

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